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The only trouble was that the British had no interest, and the Canadian government refused to finance an expedition. (Stefansson had earned a controversial reputation after the Karluk, a ship used in a previous expedition, was carried away by ice, resulting in the deaths of 11 men, some of whom perished on Wrangel Island.) Nonetheless, Stefansson, a vociferous self-promoter, had no trouble persuading four adventure-hungry young men—Allan Crawford, 20; Milton Galle, 19; Lorne Knight, 28; and Fred Maurer, 28—to represent him in the Arctic. Stefansson never had any intention of accompanying the team. He was busy performing a lucrative lecture circuit in the United States, but he personally financed six months of supplies; gave the men instructions to hire Inuit families to hunt, cook, and make clothing for them; and assured them that the Arctic was a “friendly” place that would provide plenty of food. They left toting British and Canadian flags. Almost from the beginning, the team had bad luck and made poor decisions. They intended to purchase an umiak, a lightweight skin-and-wood boat, to use for hunting, but scoffed at the asking price of $120. Instead, they purchased a much tinier skin boat—which wound up washing overboard—and a clumsy wooden dory. They hired Inuit families to come along, a common practice among Arctic expeditions of that time.

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